Map of Structured Financial Solutions For CFS4EE Financing Schemes

CITIZEE REPORT - 17 July 2020

This guidance document aims to help CitizEE Pilot Regions to select a suitable Public Financing Instrument (PFI) to be set-up to support the development of their CFs4EE Financing Scheme for Energy Efficient Buildings. The document explores the different existing Public Financing Instruments (PFIs) that the CitizEE Pilot Regions can implement to build their CFs4EE Financing Scheme, with the objective of launching large scale investment program in the energy renovation of buildings and attracting greater levels of private‐sector investments, including Citizen Funding.


CitizEE Leaflet

- 05 March 2020

CitizEE leaflet has been produced to inform the audience about the project overall aim, specific objectives, key tasks and to present the project consortium.


Market characterization segments and boundaries analysis

CITIZEE REPORT - 07 February 2020

The market characterization analysis focus on the current local Citizen Funding market related to the CFs4EE1 Financing Scheme2 scope and targeted beneficiaries defined in the grant agreement for each of the pilot country/region. The objective of the Market Characterization analysis is to identify the key decisional elements that will serve the evaluation of the CFs4EE Financing Scheme to be developed by the project and the Public Financing Instrument that will support the scheme.


Legal and Regulatory Framework analysis

CITIZEE REPORT - 05 February 2020

This report is a compilation of the initial situation, the planned activities as well as the opportunities and difficulties of CitizEE’s four pilot regions Portugal (GOPARITY), Belgium (VEB), Croatia (REGEA) and Lithuania (VIPA). The result is a not only a comparitve overview of the current state from a legal point of view but to also an impression of what other relevant aspects for the pilot regions do exist.